Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Hey guys!  I'm trying out all of the new Google stuff!  I've begun to explore the "circles" and "hangouts" - if anyone has any handy tips or advice - bring it on!


HSTW Nashville 2014

WOW!  Another HSTW summer conference has bitten the dust!

I'm humbled by the comments / appreciation shown to me by those who attended my HSTW sessions in the country music capital of the world.  Even after technology nightmares, you guys stuck with me!  How ironic that in a session about what to do if technology fails - technology failed!  That taught me that I should be as prepared for disaster in my professional development sessions as I am in my classroom. But, with a few more wires and plug-ins, and shouts of "PLEASE GOD NOT NOW!", we did it!  Special thanks to Mike Limones, a member of the technology team, for pulling out all the stops to assure my videos and music were good to go!

One reason I love to present PD is that it renews my excitement for teaching.  The HSTW summer conferences especially excite me because they're held shortly before the start of a new school year and while sharing ideas with participants in my sessions, I remember to include those ideas in my lesson plans for the new year.  It's also awesome when I attend another teacher's session that turns out to be killer!  Such was the case in a Thursday session, "From Stalled to Engaged to Excelling!"  You know magic is happening when the participants belly laugh and sob in the same session.  Kudos to James McCabe of Southern High School, Louisville, KY.  You had me at your mantra, "If It Sucks, Change It!"

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